Corona instructions


Careeria instructions for students and customers during the Corona epidemia

On Coronavirus, we follow the information provided by the Finnish Government and the instructions provided by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare and Regional State Administrative Agency.

Careeria instructions

Facemask recommendation: If a person has not received complete vaccination coverage or has been ill with the Covid-19 disease during the previous six months, it is important to always wear a facemask indoors at all Careeria premises.

We strongly recommend that facemasks are worn indoors at all learning premises where social distancing is difficult due to the presence of large numbers of people.

It is forbidden to participate in any Careeria premises activity if you are ill or have any respiratory infection related symptoms. Finnish institute for health and welfare:

Health-safety instructions:
Hand hygiene
Face masks
It is imperative that general health and safety instructions are observed in all Careeria activities.

This instruction includes students and personnel.

Please, do not come to any Careeria premises while feeling ill.

Face mask recommendation

By wearing face masks we can ensure the continuation of contact teaching at Careeria. For this reason we recommend the use of face masks at Careeria premises.

Careeria is concerned about the safety and health of students and staff. We have face mask recommendation indoors at every Careeria premise. Do not come to any Careeria premises while feeling ill. We must continue to prevent Corona from spreading by good hand-hygiene, social-distancing and by using the Koronavilkku application. We will continue to observe the instructions of the health authorities and keep you informed of any changes.


Teaching will be arranged according to the government’s assembly instructions and observing all health-safety instructions.

Teachers will notify their own groups of the necessary arrangements. Workplace training agreement learning will continue as earlier arranged, providing that employers agree to conform to the arrangments, and student health safety is guaranteed.

Instructions, dining facilities

The use of dining facilities is only permitted to the staff and students of Careeria. Do not enter the dining facilities if you have flu symptoms.

Remember proper hand wash before entering the dining facility and use hand sanitiser if needed.

Safe distance in the dining area min. 1,5 m. In order to maintain safe distances in the dining area every second chair is left empty.

We only accept card or contactless payment.


Careeria students can access their up to date information on course completion and study record directly via the KOSKI-Service:


Finnish institute for health and welfare

Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland

Instructions for action if Coronavirus infections are detected at Careeria premises

The Finnish Institution for Health and Welfare is responsible for determining predisposition to infection.
If any person becomes ill during the day at any of the Careeria premises, they must leave the premises immediately or go to a separate empty room.
People with symptoms are instructed to contact the local general health or occupational health authorities and observe all instructions, including submitting to any required Coronavirus tests.
In cases where Careeria student dormitory residents become ill, Careeria will contact the applicable local infections unit for evaluation and instruction on required actions.
Infection-chain investigation is the responsibility of the local municipality or hospital district’s head doctor for infectious diseases. If a Careeria student is confirmed to have been infected, tracking of all possibly predisposed Careeria students and personnel will take place immediately.
Any possibly predisposed persons will be quarantined according to the infection legislation directives procedures.
Any person infected with the Coronavirus must stay away from all Careeria premises from the beginning of symptoms (quarantine period).
In cases where Careeria student dormitory residents become ill, Careeria will define any required actions to be taken in cooperation with the applicable local infections unit.
We strongly recommend taking the COVID-19 vaccine.

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Managing Director/Principal Pasi Kankare, tel. 040 682 1264,
Security Manager Kim Lindroos, tel. 040 036 0863,

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