Choosing my own Adventure


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I never thought that it would be the toughest decision of my life. I did not think that this school would be so cool and exciting before coming to Finland, I always had a thought that multi-lingual, multi-national group studies are about the competition and jealousy between students regarding country flaws, but after arriving in Finland, I was so amazed and surprised by the conceptual study techniques which teachers present during each lecture, either physical or as in distance learning on each subject and the way international students help each other regarding any problem. This is what I loved about being an international student. Nobody is competitive and everyone is so overwhelming with support and peace and they are openly helping each other with great gestures and affection.

Every student is trying to help the other student to follow the same path with great interest regardless of any nationality or age.

I attended my classes in Careeria Vocational College. Choosing this school has been very easy because my course Instructors are excellent teachers. They are supportive and down to earth.

Here I spent my best times up till now, the environment of student-acceptance, the social circle, the study platform which Careeria is offering to every youth is so good that you feel like you are in your home. I feel myself blessed to be a part of Careeria. Here I had the chance of studying interesting and amazing topics through fantastic experiments explained by amazing and sympathetic teachers. Sussanne, Bryan, Michaela, Mia, Coralie, and many more. The teachers are patient and professional. They helped me every time I got in trouble in understanding some works and they were always happy to answer my questions.

On the other hand, the focus on self-directed learning helped my independence even further than the general stay abroad itself. I had to solve problems and analyse data on my own with the help of our supportive teachers. This did not mean that the teachers did not help and explain when there were problems. That fact gave me a new opinion on self-directed learning because my thought of it before was it being harder and less effective.

Then there comes a unique way of experiencing working life within your study period which is called Work Placement, which enables a sense of responsibility and independence and gives the student the ability to realize and increase his skills through WORKING in a workplace of their own choice!

Not only school related knowledge, but also new ways to live and to see the world around ourself. I would suggest this experience to anybody that is very open-minded, and ready to do something very different.

I hope that this school would continue on the path that it has unfolded and keep staying unique like it is. Thank you for making me an equal part of this school! Thank you for making me feel welcome! Thank you for your intercultural acceptance! Thank you for not judging anyone because of their religion or skin colour! Thank you for listening to me!

Greetings from a QB student who has just graduated

Next course is available autumn 2022.