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Careeria is a VET provider in Uusimaa region on the south coast of Finland.

Careeria has 11 000 students, more than 20 study programmes and 80 vocational qualifications.

Careeria is active in sending students abroad for work and school based periods. Several network and development projects are carried out in Careeria.

Vocational Qualification in Business

At Careeria, you can study Vocational Qualification in Business in English.

As a QB “Merkonomi in English” graduate, you can work in a variety of jobs such as marketing and sales.

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Academic year

Academic Year 1.8.2024–31.7.2025

• Students starting their studies 8.8.2024 at 9.00
• Autumn break 14.–18.10.2024
• Graduation party 19.12.2024
• Christmas break 23.12.2024–3.1.2025
• Winter break 17.–21.2.2025
• Graduation party 28.5.2025


Student Union

The task of the student union is to advance and unify collaboration between students, to give them opportunities to influence their own interests, and to effectively develop co-operation between students and the education provider.

Student Union

Training abroad

Careeria’s students can further their studies abroad thanks to Careeria’s vast European and global cooperation networks. Doing a training period abroad is a great way to improve language and vocational skills in a multicultural environment and get international experiences.

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