Careeria Wilma Internet address change


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Careeria’s Wilma internet address will change on Tuesday 15.3.2022

due to service provider information security reasons. Wilma usage will be interrupted starting 14.3.2022, 15.00 – and ending 15.3.2022, 10.00.

Wilma internet as of 15.3.2022

Wilma will be available again on Tuesday 15.3.2022 at 10.00 via this Internet address:

Wilma mobile access as of 15.3.2022

Mobile access should function automatically after the Internet address change.
However, if problems occur the Wilma account may need to be installed again:

1. Access the mobile application and select user accounts (top left corner menu)

2. Select username and click delete

3. Go to Select Wilma

4. Find

5. Login using your username and password

If you have forgotten your password:

Carers: Go to, reset password at ’Forgot your password?’. If your password cannot be changed or there is some other problem with Wilma please contact:

Students and personnel: Order a new password via Passu: