Tuudo, coming soon!


Tuudo is a mobile application that offers multiple services to make everyday life easier for students. When you can find the most important information and functions conveniently in one place, you will clearly save time and effort. Careeria will start using the Tuudo App in March 2023.  

You can find your digital student card in Tuudo, with proof of the right for lunch and entitlement for student discounts such as VR and Matkahuolto services. You can also view your work schedule and check the day’s menu In Tuudo. At the same time, Tuudo is an effective communication channel, and in Tuudo, you can quickly get information about your educational institution’s news and current events. You can find information about many other Careeria services in Tuudo, too.  

Keep up with the info-bulletins and stay in the know. Instructions on how to start using Tuudo will come in March.